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FIND YOUR KEEPER is run by Stephen Gallagher & I keep my bees in North Kildare. I was proudly elected to the committee of the North Kildare Beekeepers’ Association in December 2017 and I’ve acted as a digital volunteer for the Irish Beekeepers Association CLG since early 2018.

I’ve been keeping bees for about 4 years, after a distant interest yielded to a more permanent one. If you think you have even the tiniest interest in honeybees, you should check out an association near you, they’ll likely run regular beginners courses and they are simply fantastic places to learn & meet local beekeepers.

I also run a service called, Ireland’s first digital honey bee rescue network, with over 200 beekeepers nationwide responding to calls from the general public. Go there if you ever need help with a honey bee swarm on your stuff!

This website, Findyourkeeper, is designed to facilitate genuine Irish honey being discoverable online, so beekeepers can offer their produce directly to their customer, and the customer can browse potentially 100’s of local varieties from across the island of Ireland. 

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me here.

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