Getting Started


Here’s the basic documentation, links and videos to get you started. 
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Each topic is broken down into a short video or article that is easy to digest and return to at any time.

The website itself (for customers):

Logging into your store is done here (for sellers):
Link to login: 

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1. Template shop:

2. 47 minute webinar that explains the site (overview):

3. Terms & Conditions for Vendors:

4. Creating a Stripe Account (so you can be paid):

5: Adding your Stripe Account to Findyourkeeper:

Section 6-9 below are a single video, but I have added chapter markers to make it easier to find the parts:

6. Logging in to Findyourkeeper:

7. Overview of the Vendor Dashboard:

8. Changing your branding pictures:

9. The importance of a shop description\bio:

10. Taking photographs of products:

11. Managing your Products (Adding\Editing)

12. Postage (choose either An Post or a Custom Rate):