Selling honey online

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Findyourkeeper makes it simple to enter eCommerce and sell your genuine Irish honey online.

You list your product, state your price and wait for an order.

Once you are paid, pack & post and you are done.

Modern customers in many occasions are looking for low processed honey that is local to them, and they want it to be convenient. Findyourkeeper makes it simple for customers to search out their local honey or explore other honeys. It also allows them to order and pay conveniently, which many modern consumers appreciate.

Beekeepers tend not to invest in building websites for the low return on investment it can yield. It doesn’t make sense to spend €500+ with annual fees for the chance of not selling anything, and if you do, it could take years to pay off that investment. So many avoid eCommerce altogether so consumers struggle to find producers online.

You don’t need any special technical skills to sell products on Findyourkeeper and you can administer everything you need to do on a laptop or tablet. You do need an active internet connection, an email address to receive orders to and an account with the payment system Stripe to be paid with. You also need to have a supply of genuine Irish honey to sell.

Signing up to list your hive products is free. If you need help writing about your products or a hand photographing your product I can help with that too. The site uses a map to list honey producers apiaries, each ‘bee pin’ represents an area a beekeeper maintains a honey production apiary, honey differentiated by location. The more apiary locations you house bees in, the more bee pins are added to the map, the higher the chances of selling honey.

Creating a Vendor account gives you access to a dashboard that allows you to track order details and status, add\edit products and available inventory, and postal options. The system uses a weight based shipping tool that automatically calculates the shipping cost using An Post Parcel rates plus a base fee in order to determine P&P at checkout.

Findyourkeeper uses the Stripe payment gateway, (and PayPal shortly) so that once a customer orders from your shop, you receive your payment instantly.

Stripe charge a commission fee as does Findyourkeeper.

You should expect fees in total to be no more than 7-8% of the sale.

Stripe fee: 1.4% + €0.25 & Findyourkeeper 5% = 6.4% + €0.25.

Stripe charges its fee on both the principal amount (the products sold) and the postage charged.

Findyourkeeper does not apply its commission to the postage fee collected, only the products sold.
You should adjust your pricing accordingly to incorporate these costs if you wish to make a certain figure. Both fees are tax deductible.

There are no sign up fees with either Stripe or Findyourkeeper.

You will have to verify your identity as a measure to prevent fraudulent activities before selling.
Findyourkeeper will do its level best to ensure only genuine Irish honey is featured here & fraudsters have no safe haven to operate. Irish beekeepers have had it hard enough for long enough, it’s time for us to prosper.

My initial reasoning for starting this was seeing our bees in trouble and noticing that support in the form of higher returns could greatly assist the person who was looking after them. That person being you.

My goal has been and remains to be the improvement and modernisation of Irish Beekeeping so that we can realise our full potential.  There is no need for us to struggle with high overheads and low returns when customers both appreciate and desire the premium product we produce.

This concept is based on teamwork, we share the costs and enjoy the benefits of centralised marketing. We will never have enough honey to satisfy demand, we are not in competition with each other. A high tide will rise every boat.

Thank you for your interest in Findyourkeeper.
All the best